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How to Share the Gospel

by Stan Rodda: After 18 years in ministry, one of the biggest reasons why many followers of Jesus don’t share the Gospel with someone, is simply because they don’t know HOW. The paid professionals have to take a step away from knowing all the answers and how to do all the things. If we are going to see a movement of disciples making disciples, then we must train and equip the everyday believer with tools, then unleash them on their communities.

The “Three Circles” is a great tool to use to train someone HOW to share the Gospel. It gives a simple framework and puts the Gospel into everyday terms. I love this tool and have used it in many ways and in many contexts.

Watch the training below and download the graphic to fill in along the way. Then practice, practice, practice. Once you have the main parts down, you will be able to start customizing and using in a variety of ways.

Let me know how it goes or if you have any questions.

Let’s take Kingdom territory!

Source: How to Share the Gospel