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Learn about Disciple-Making “Cornerstones” by Meeting Lionshare


by Bobby Harrington: We hope you’ve enjoyed meeting some of our disciple-making partners. We want to help you find the best disciple-making guides, and that’s why we’re continuing to introduce these partners to you.

Meet Dave Buehring, leader of Lionshare.

Here’s what Dave said about his ministry in our interview with him:

Tell us about the name of your ministry “Lionshare.”

Because our mission is aimed at discipling lives and leaders throughout society, we chose a name that relates to a broad audience and references Jesus, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

What is your unique disciple-making emphasis?

Lionshare’s focus revolves around what we refer to as our Disciple-Making Cornerstones:

Foundational Disciple Making – Grounding new followers of Jesus who are rooted in his character, ways and mission.
Formational Disciple Making – Growing disciples of Jesus who reproduce God’s character, ways, and mission in others.
Vocational Disciple Making – Developing disciples who reflect God’s character, ways, and mission in and through their vocation.
Leadership Disciple Making – Shaping leaders who reference God’s character, ways, and mission in their lives and leadership.

Our target is reproducing disciple makers:

Generationally – those under the age of 40, including next generation leaders
Vocationally – those serving within the Dozen Domains of society: Family, Church, Government/Law/Nation Security, Education, Media, Arts/Entertainment/Sports, Business, Science & Technology, Health/Medicine/Wholeness, Environment/Agriculture/Zoology, Nonprofit & Service Organizations, Peoples (people groups linked by language and culture)
Internationally – various people groups, local and global

We practically engage in disciple making through relationships, our resources, and hosting various kinds of convening events (retreats, intensives, conferences, etc.).

Pick up from email . . .

How do you help everyday disciples who aspire to be disciple makers?

For the last fifteen years, we have effectively used a one-year disciple-making resource around the globe called A Discipleship Journey (ADJ). It covers 12 key disciple-making staples – one month at a time – via weekly 12-15 minute videos accessed on one’s phone, tablet or computer; an accompanying manual that takes truths from the Scriptures deeper; and participation in a small group that focuses on real life application. We equip ADJ group leaders via videos on our website (Lionshare.org) and through personal coaching.

We facilitate two-day gatherings, called d4, in regions throughout the country to ignite and equip individuals, churches and societal leaders in disciple making.

We also host, January to June, each year A Leadership Journey (ALJ). This provides us with the opportunity to more personally disciple church and societal leaders in the ways of God related to their own spiritual health, relationships, leadership and callings.

We are currently developing two new tools. The first is a kid’s version of A Discipleship Journey (ADJ) for families and churches to effectively disciple 6-12-year olds. The second are resources that will allow disciples of Jesus to develop other disciples to advance God’s Kingdom and benefit and bless people through their vocations.

Who are the key leaders in your network?

We have men and women, aged in their 20’s-70’s, representing various nationalities and expressions of vocational experience within the Dozen Domains that make up our network.

They include people like Darren and Sonya Bearson, (formerly in government and media, now providing day-to-day leadership of Lionshare), Kent Chevalier, Sean Holland, Heather Zempel (pastors) and George Kehoe (business).

How can people connect with you?

The easiest way to connect to us is via our website at www.Lionshare.org.

For King Jesus,

Bobby Harrington, Point Leader, Discipleship.org

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