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Leaving a Legacy of Level 5 Leadership: Introduction


by Todd Wilson: Pause for a minute and think about the specific ways you personally get to know Jesus. I don’t just mean knowing more about Him. I’m talking about really, intimately knowing the person of Jesus Christ! Not the teacher and wise man Jesus, but the Savior and Lord you want to model and become more like.

Sometimes the best way for us to know Jesus is to see His love and character modeled in action through others. I’ve found it pure joy when God puts just the right person in my life at just the right time to model and show me Jesus! Each of us has those people. Consider it a blessing when God gives you people not just to tell you about Jesus, but also to show you Jesus modeled in bodily form!

When our two boys were growing up, there was one prayer I prayed more than any other. I prayed nearly every day for God to put just the right people, at just the right time, with just the right words, in their paths. Why? Because I know the power and the blessing of God’s gift of putting fully surrendered Jesus followers in my path. I know that one of the best ways my family members and I get to know Jesus is to see Him modeled through other people.

This is from Bobby Harrington’s free eBook, Leaving a Legacy of Level 5 Multiplication: 10 Leadership Lessons from the Life of Billy GrahamDownload the eBook here in your favorite format at no cost.

I never had the privilege of knowing Dr. Billy Graham personally. I wish I had. But I did have the second-best thing—something better than any book, seminar or tribute written about him. Even better than a book, sermon or article he wrote. I know people who were either mentored or directly impacted by having a front-row seat to Dr. Graham.

Among them are the two leaders involved in writing this book: Bobby Harrington and Robert Coleman. I know and trust each of these leaders. Dr. Graham impacted each of them, including modeling the “10 Leadership Lessons” highlighted in this book. Robert Coleman had a front-row mentoring relationship and agrees these are trustworthy lessons from Dr. Graham’s life.

Yes, Dr. Graham was a sinner just like the rest of us. But, we can know Jesus better by seeing how he lived his life, and by learning from his journey. We can see that the 10 Leadership Lessons described in this book were things Dr. Graham tried to live out because of his faith in Jesus and his desire to live as Jesus did.

Dr. Graham was faithfully married to one woman for his whole life. He and Ruth raised five children who know and pursue Jesus. He shared his faith with millions of people. He discovered and remained true to his calling. He led a quiet and humble life of obedience in spite of his celebrity status. And he was an amazing encourager, always looking for a way to lift up others.

This blog is an excerpt from the free eBook, Leaving a Legacy of Level 5 Leadership: 10 Leadership Lessons from the Life of Billy Graham. Download it free here.

Written by Todd Wilson

TODD is co-founder of Exponential and provides vision, strategy and direction for the ministry. He is a Kingdom-entrepreneur who is naturally drawn to anything around the next corner


Source: Leaving a Legacy of Level 5 Leadership: Introduction