by Peyton Jones: I’ve looked at some pretty weird places to hold church.  I once took my leaders to a trucker stop and they thought I was crazy.  When they asked me where the childcare would go, I pointed at the ball pit over at the Burger King.  One of the shepherds took me aside and talked sense into me.  In Long Beach, we walked into a nightclub that had the coolest round cushion benches for us to sit at and have small groups.  One problem, each one had a stripper pole in the middle.  It didn’t bother me, but some of my team said it was a little too close to home from where they’d been, and it would be hard not to think about naked girls swinging on them during church.  Fair enough.  I’ve talked to art galleries, public swimming pools, hotels, bars, pubs, tequila bars, and considered a whole host of other places that don’t do much business on a Sunday.  In Southern California, you can meet on the beach with a permit.  How cool is that?  You can hold church almost anywhere, but the question always has to be, is this best for the people I’m trying to reach.  If you only want to do it so that you can say “I’m going to be the church that meets on the beach” then the eight of you are going to have a great time.In the end, try to get something with storage.  And if you don’t have storage, get a trailer.  If you can’t afford a trailer, then get a truck…but wait, we’ve been there before.

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