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October 28, 2020

Performance Reviews that Change Culture

By New Churches Team

Traditionally, we think about performance reviews in an annual-type setting, but I want to bust that up today. Here are five things to consider when it comes to performance reviews that really change the culture of those that report to you and how you work together and make progress for the sake of the ministry.

  1. Have reviews often. Don’t think in the traditional mindset of every review that you have is like the annual review. These types of reviews are like the walk into the office and catch up. It’s a face-to-face meeting. This is one of the best ways you can build trust with your team. This provides a consistent feedback loop between you and your direct report. Depending on your team member’s needs, this might be once a week or every other week. The key is to have a consistent check in. This allows you to get ahead of any trouble spots that may be on the horizon before they become a big issue. You should never be surprised in a formal staff review because you are having regular check ins with your team.
  2. Use your staff values to review. If you have established staff values then you have a framework for what your review should cover. If you don’t have values established, this is a challenge to create those.
  3. Have self reviews. This is helpful for you and your team. Oftentimes, especially when it comes to difficult conversation, the things you want your direct report to work on will bubble up in self review. This allows them to be thoughtful and reflect as they self-grade their performance. They are powerful because they help the employee self-audit, and they help you assess their awareness regarding their own work.

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Source: Performance Reviews that Change Culture