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PODCAST 052: Coronavirus & Preparing for Emergencies

PODCAST 052: Coronavirus & Preparing for Emergencies

by Jeff Reed: Whether coronavirus is a legitimate fear or not is not the topic of conversation here. Fact is, we face all sorts of city-wide emergencies on a regular basis. Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Bitter Cold… Institutional churches face challenges like this on a regular basis in situations that prevent them from gathering.

So what’s the plan? How would your church respond in a situation where you weren’t able to gather? It’s 2020. You should probably have a plan.

That’s where we are with this podcast. Whether coronavirus is a thing or not isn’t the point. Your church needs a plan, and we’re providing you, well, at least the start of that plan! So join Jeff, Rey, as well as, Kevin Lee from Saddleback Church, Jason Days from Outreach Magazine, and Andrew Statezny from CDF Capital, as we discuss the Church and Preparing for Emergencies.

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