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PODCAST 115: Digital Discipleship thru Timothy Initiative

PODCAST 115: Digital Discipleship thru Timothy Initiative

By TheChurch.Digital: Discipleship means a lot of things. At it’s core value, though, there are two different ideas: 1) Knowledge-Based and 2) Obedience-Based. Many churches operate in a knowledge-based system of discipleship. In fact, our buildings exist as the center of that knowledge. Come to the building and we can teach you more knowledge. Unfortunately, knowledge-based discipleship tends to move away from action. We as Christians have a cognitive understanding of what God has called us to, but we don’t do it. God calls us to make disciples. But many of us are too busy consuming a product instead of denying self and carrying the cross Christ gave us.

This is where Obedience-Based Discipleship comes into play. This is why today’s podcast may be difficult to listen to… cause maybe our strategy for doing church, for making disciples, isn’t working and if we can figure out how to this digitally…

So, let’s dig into some new ideas here. Maybe this is the new wineskin your church needs for 2021? Let’s explore what discipleship can look like, digitally.

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