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PODCAST 117: The New Digital Pastor

PODCAST 117: The New Digital Pastor

By TheChurch.Digital:

I can remember a conversation I had with a Lead Pastor back in early 2019… “you know, there are probably only 20 people in the country who actually serve full-time as a digital pastor.” It has been fascinating to see how churches are pivoting to Digital as a result of COVID. Some churches are embracing the opportunity, even as far as moving people from other staff positions to lead, to champion the Digital opportunities within the church.

To that end, we brought in a panel of new Digital Pastors, and talked about the transition to Digital and what the future of Digital looks like? What has their perspective been? What are the challenges? Who has their go-to supporters been? Do they actually like shepherding people digitally?

Fascinating conversation focusing on today’s Digital transition and tomorrow’s Digital future.

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