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Realign, Restructure, and Reopen Your Church


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Realign, Restructure, and Reopen Your Church

By Todd Adkins

This season may not seem beautiful at the moment, but I believe we have a unique opportunity to see our ministries thrive today and in the days to come. Some of the greatest moments in church history have been when the boldness of the gospel meets severe constraints.

We often assume creativity, boldness, and innovation come from an abundance of resources, time, and opportunity. In reality, the opposite is more often the case. Necessity is the mother of invention after all.

We often assume constraints are a bad thing, but they don’t have to be. One of my friends works for a missions organization and shared how the gospel is spreading through China during COVID-19. It seems that protective masks make the government’s facial recognition software unable to work, so Christians can share the gospel with less risk of being caught. Christians are creatively and boldly taking advantage of a constraint and turning it into a gospel opportunity.

I want to help our churches approach the current crisis with boldness, creativity, and innovation to restructure, realign, and go through the phases to reopen. I know we are all processing the phases of reopening then hoping to find a normal rhythm of church, but we must realize it won’t be as neat and clean as spreadsheets.

9 Considerations to Realign, Restructure, and Reopen Your Church

Here are nine things to consider.

  1. What are your current constraints? How are you embracing them? You should view constraints not as a restrictor but as a stimulus for increased creativity and positive change.
  2. What is your posture or mindset related to your current constraints? Are you responding as a victim, neutralizer, or transformer? You must understand your mindset, methodology, and motivations as you face constraints.
  3. Have you recently heard “That’s the way we’ve always done it …”? Sometimes, we get locked into doing things certain ways without even thinking about why. However, a crisis forces us to challenge our assumptions and break path dependence.
  4. How are you currently using your resources? Your church and ministries will likely need to re-allocate resources during this time. You must consider what to stop, shift, strategize, and scale in ministry.
  5. How can you shift the attitude of “We can’t because …” to “We can if …” to find new solutions that you didn’t consider previously? You must ensure your team remains optimistic, flexible, and focused on what essential ministry has to happen with a “make it work” approach.
  6. What have you observed that informs how you realign ministries to serve your people best during the crisis and after? You must consider how to do ministry during the crisis, what ministry looks like right after the crisis, and how the crisis establishes a new normal for your ministry.
  7. What’s your contingency plan? Contingency planning ensures continuity of church and ministry operations as you respond to the crisis and will help your church to restore normal operations with the least amount of disruption following the crisis.
  8. How are you evaluating your ministries and adjusting as needed? As we face uncertainty, sometimes we must quickly move forward in making a decision. The quicker you are at making solid decisions, the better leader you will become.
  9. What are the components of your church’s success right now? Or what are the things that may be hindering it? You must understand the key components of success in leading through this time.

Want more information on these 9 considerations? We have created a free course that includes 9 videos and 15 downloadable documents to help your churches move toward a new normal in response to COVID-19. Get started here.

Source: Realign, Restructure, and Reopen Your Church