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Redeploying Staff or High-Level Leaders During COVID-19


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Redeploying Staff or High-Level Leaders During COVID-19

By New Churches Team

COVID-19 has meant lots of change for your church. One issue you may be facing is redeploying staff. So, how do you reassign and redeploy staff and high-level leaders who can no longer do the job they were previously assigned?

Effective and Essential Ministry

Right now you have to identify and categorize what needs to be realigned in your church. And you have to be able to navigate different phases of ministry to a new normal. Here is a tool you can use again and again as you cycle through the coming changes.

Consider these two areas:

  1. Essential. Why does your church exist? What is the essential ministry of your church? In a time like this, we don’t need fourteen different ministries vying for resources to do one essential ministry. Focus on one or two ministries that do the work best during this season and realign staff within those essential ministries.
  2. Effective. If the ministry is not considered an essential ministry of the church and it’s not effective, stop doing it. If the ministry is not essential, but it is effective, you can consider shifting resources away from it to what is more strategic. If the ministry is essential, but it is not yet effective, you have to strategize around it and realign your people and resources to stabilize it. If your ministry is not effective and not essential, it is time to cut this ministry.

Learn more about this tool and how to create a plan that is specific to your church in A Complete COVID-19 Guide to Lead Your Church Toward a New Normal.


It’s important for you to create a plan that works specifically for your church. You are the leader for your church. No one knows it as well as you do. Everyone has their own legal rules and issues to deal with in their own situations. Your plan will work best for your church. Do your due diligence and create a plan that works specifically for your church.

As a leader, walk through this process with your team. Leverage your teams to know what is best for their area. Most of what you do in your church can be broadly categorized as part of a Leadership Pipeline and a Discipleship Pathway. They are your core engines of strategy to get you to your vision. Use this opportunity when you aren’t meeting to make sure your Discipleship Pathway is forming disciples that Jesus would be happy with. Does your Leadership Pipeline need to be addressed? Is your staff equipping saints for the work of the ministry or holding on to all the ministry themselves? Look at these core engines and your ministries. As you are redeploying staff and high-level leaders, best position yourself to thrive when your new normal arrives.

Adapted from the New Churches Q&A Podcast Episode 496: Redploying Staff. Click here to listen to more to church planting, multisite, and multiplication tips.

Source: Redeploying Staff or High-Level Leaders During COVID-19