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Shaping Your Worship Culture


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September 11, 2019

Shaping Your Worship Culture

By New Churches Team

Selecting Worship Leaders

As a church planter looking for the right worship leader, you must consider a person’s character, chemistry, capacity, and competency. Remember that worship leaders lead music, but worship pastors lead people. Look for leaders who can lead people and pour into them.

As you build the worship team under the worship leader, create a tiered process that includes evaluations. Start with an audition during which time people understand that they will receive feedback whether they make the team or not. Encourage those who do not make it to try again. After initial auditions, bring your new members into rehearsals to see how they blend into the team. Finally, bring the new member onto the platform for a worship service. And again, evaluate how the worship service went and make sure to check in with the team member about their comfort level of being on stage.

Creating a Feedback Culture

Beginning with the very first worship experience you offer, give your team feedback. Depending on your staff makeup this may be an in-person meeting or this may be through email. Either way be sure to celebrate the good things, discuss challenges, and discuss things you want to do the following week. Encourage the team to evaluate themselves together. This creates an environment of transparency and encouragement.

Working as a Team

As the pastor, if you do not have a heart for worship, it will be reflected in your church culture. Value worship – not just in theory but in practice.

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