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Disciple Making And Obedience

By Stan Rodda: I remember those early days when my children started to feed themselves. It was an awesome day and felt like I had gained so much of my freedom back. As babies, my wife and I would feed them one bite at a time. If you’re a parent, […]


The Supernatural Fruit of Abiding in Christ

By Doug Holliday: John 14 concludes with Jesus and the disciples leaving the Upper Room, so Jesus’ teaching and prayer in John 15-17 happens somewhere between the Upper Room and the Kidron Valley opposite the Mount of Olives. On the walk down toward the valley, before crossing over and entering […]

Think Marathon, Not Sprint!

By: Stan Rodda It’s amazing the places you can learn truths about disciple making when you are aware enough to pay attention. I was reminded of a disciple making truth recently when I was watching my 15 year old son workout. He has been wanting to get bigger, faster, stronger. […]

A Simple Tool to Get Started in Prayer

by Stan Rodda: When it comes to prayer, everyone starts somewhere. You might be reading this and have been following Jesus for many years. Your prayer life might be strong and transformative. If so, that’s awesome. I’m excited for you. But new believers don’t start near the finish line. They […]

Grace In The Face Of Doubt

by Stan Rodda: There are moment when I feel like my belief and faith are stronger than ever. Then tragedy strikes, chaos, a fight with a family member, a global pandemic. Something terrible shakes everything. How quickly I jump to, “God, are you really there? Why is this happening?” I […]

What Judas Taught Me About Life & Ministry

by Stan Rodda: Something really interesting jumped out at me as I was reading Matthew 10 the other day. The first four verses of that chapter stood out to me unlike ever before and God showed me something I need to think more about. He drew my attention to finishing […]

Our Apologetics Must Surrender to the Transformative Power of Jesus Christ!

by Stan Rodda: When it comes to apologetics, defending our faith in Christ, there is one very popular verse that many of us know. You probably are already quoting it in your mind. You’ve already jumped to 1 Peter 3 in your head and you’re repeating it on auto pilot […]

Five Encouragements For When You Hit The Dog Days of Summer in Ministry!

by Stan Rodda: We are getting to that point in the summer where I start to worry for my friends in ministry. It’s late in the summer and we are not okay. If you have been in ministry for about six or seven seconds, you know how depressing that dashboard […]

5 Distinguishing Factors Of A Kingdom Worker!

by Stan Rodda: Every person who calls on the name Jesus Christ, is invited into an entirely new way of doing life. A brand new Kingdom that Christ is building called the church. That Kingdom has a mission which requires workers. The mission of the Kingdom being to make disciples […]