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Grace In The Face Of Doubt

by Stan Rodda: There are moment when I feel like my belief and faith are stronger than ever. Then tragedy strikes, chaos, a fight with a family member, a global pandemic. Something terrible shakes everything. How quickly I jump to, “God, are you really there? Why is this happening?” I amaze myself sometimes how quickly I ask these types of questions.

John the Baptist did the same. Jesus’ cousin and the man who paved the way for Jesus. He went before Him and preached repentance, that the Kingdom was near, that people should turn from their sin and he baptized them. John even said, “I’m not worthy to tie His sandals.” This man had serious faith in Jesus.

And then tragedy hit. He speaks out against Herod’s new marriage to Herodias after divorcing his own wife. Herod is furious that John would speak out against him and so has him thrown in prison. While in prison, John begins to question. Matthew 11 records him asking his own followers to investigate Jesus. He says to them, “Are you really the One we have been waiting for?” He questions in his despair the identity of Jesus.

And Jesus responds to John and says…

the blind see

the lame walk

the deaf hear

lepers are cleansed

the dead are raised

good news is preached to the poor

Great stuff is happening, John. Jesus goes so far as to tell those listening that of all men born, no one is a great as John. In the face of his doubt and questions, Jesus shares great news, confirms His identity to John and then offers John amazing grace. There’s no one like John. Even at his worst.

Maybe you’ve been there before.

Maybe you’re there now.

You’re in your own prison. Your own place of questioning, pain and doubt. Jesus, are you really who You say You are? Why is all of this bad stuff happening? I’m nervous and afraid. Are you really the One?

May you hear the good news of Jesus afresh today. That the blind see, the lame walk, lepers are cleansed and good news is preached to the poor. Great stuff is happening in our time. And beyond that, Jesus is so gracious toward us. Knowing that our spirit is so willing, but our flesh often fails us. Jesus offers us grace and mercy when we doubt. I am so grateful for His grace.

What are some practical ways to work through your doubts?

Abide in Christ Daily

In John 10, Jesus invites us to abide with Him. I would encourage you to continue drawing near to the Father through Scripture reading and prayer daily. those who are abiding in Jesus are the ones who bear fruit. Stay faithful in your abiding.

Don’t Trust Your Feelings

This one is difficult for me personally. I’m an emotional person who feels all my feels. But our feelings are so deceiving. How we feel about something is not always how it is in reality. Especially when it comes to Jesus. We may feel like He is distant, but Scripture says He is close to the broken-hearted.

Connect in Community

Sometimes one of the best steps we can take is to walk through our doubt with others. We can hear stories of those who have been there before us and how God has lead them through. Having people to share your feelings with who can speak truth and say those feelings may not be reality. It can be a difficult step, but I encourage you to be vulnerable enough to share your true feelings with others around you and allow them to guide and lead you through this season.

No doubt there are more ways to walk through seasons of doubt well. What would you add to the list?

Source: Grace In The Face Of Doubt