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Barriers to Leading Change

By Ken Adams: Good leaders understand a necessary part of their job is leading change. They understand the need for change and they have the desire to lead it, but often they face major obstacles in bringing it about. Barriers to change can cause even the best leader a great […]


CNLP 411: Ian Morgan Cron Explains How Your Enneagram Type Responds to Chronic Stress and the Difference Between Fake Authenticity and True Vulnerability

By Carey Nieuwhof: After a year of leading through constant crisis, how are leaders supposed to cope? Ian Morgan Cron and Carey catch up on how each Enneagram type reacts under stress and the difference between fake or strategic authenticity and true vulnerability. Welcome to Episode 411 of the podcast. Listen […]


CNLP 409: Rick Warren Opens Up About the Coming Tsunami of Grief, Handling Personal Tragedy, and How Saddleback Grew During the Pandemic

By Carey Nieuwhof: Rick Warren opens up about the personal tragedy he’s experienced with the loss of his son, Matthew, the loss our culture has experienced and what he predicts will be a coming tsunami of grief as a result of everything people have been through. Rick also explains how […]


Some Helpful Insights On How To Win The War In Your Mind (With Craig Groeschel)

Today’s post is an excerpt from Craig Groeschel’s new book Winning The War In Your Mind: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life. If you haven’t picked up a copy yet, I’d highly recommend that you do. There is a specific lie I have believed as long as I can remember. […]


Exactly What NOT to Say When You’re Leading People Through Change

By Carey Nieuwhof: So you’re leading through change. Who isn’t these days? Change is more important than ever because the world is changing faster than ever. Here’s the challenge. Most leaders fear change not because they’re afraid of change, but because they’re afraid it’s going to backfire. The truth about change […]


The Art and Science of Change

Home > Blog > The Art and Science of Change The Art and Science of Change By Todd Adkins Leading change in any organization is both an art and a science and requires us to be agile leaders. There comes a time when you must quickly assess a situation, understand […]


3 Groups of People in Your Church When It Comes to Change

Home > Blog > 3 Groups of People in Your Church When It Comes to Change 3 Groups of People in Your Church When It Comes to Change By Todd Adkins As you introduce change and adapt ministries, three groups of people will likely emerge. Napoleon said there were three […]


Do You Have a Crew to Lead Change?

Home > Blog > Do You Have a Crew to Lead Change? Do You Have a Crew to Lead Change? By Todd Adkins In my early days of ministry, you would have found me guilty of viewing the people of our congregation as vessels to be filled instead of torches […]


What is Most Essential in Your Church Right Now?

Home > Blog > What is Most Essential in Your Church Right Now? What is Most Essential in Your Church Right Now? By Todd Adkins What ministry is most essential to your church, and how do you carry it out? Often, leaders recognize a change is desperately needed, so they […]


What Healthy Churches are Doing to Support Female Leaders During the Pandemic

Today’s post is written by Kadi Cole. Kadi is a top voice leading the church to better develop and support female leaders. She’s also the bestselling author of Developing Female Leaders and is the founder and CEO of Kadi Cole and Company.  By Kadi Cole I have been so impressed with […]