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Your First Impressions Checklist for Christmas

by Greg Curtis: Most of the focus at Christmas revolves around what happens in the auditorium, not around it. Yet it’s where the “common areas” surrounding your auditorium/sanctuary are that most of your guests will decide if your church is one they will be returning to or not. That’s why […]

How a Type 5 on the Enneagram experiences your church and how to connect them

by Greg Curtis: When we had our third child, she was unexpected. We had undergone medical procedures to insure we would not have more children. Then came Carly. I often joked that because she was our third, we were lucky to have photos of her. In fact, when I brought […]


Vlog: Excellence in Portable Churches

.et_post_meta_wrapper Production excellence in portability by Portable Church Industries: While teaching at SXSW, our friend and Portable Church client, Carey Nieuwhof, recently wrote about 7 things he learned about how the world is changing (again). He goes on to put this into the perspective of the church. He says “Production […]


Practical Steps to Creating Your Environment, Part 2

.et_post_meta_wrapper by Portable Church Industries: Last time, we talked about using signage in creating your environment to provide comfort in navigating with your church launch. Now, let’s talk about creating comfort in your foyer, lobby or commons areas. There are so many ways you can create a welcoming environment that are […]