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How to be a Good Friend During the COVID Crisis

Home > Blog > How to be a Good Friend During the COVID Crisis How to be a Good Friend During the COVID Crisis By Brad Hambrick As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, we are going to experience an increased number of situational and emotional crises in the weeks […]

PODCAST 060: Larry Walkemeyer & Getting People On Kingdom Mission

by TheChurch.Digital: My favorite part of this podcast episode is that it is everything I expected it to be and I had set the standard very, very high. Larry Walkemeyer is the Lead Pastor of Light and Life Christian Fellowship in Long Beach, CA. Larry is also the author of […]

Hey Church Leader, How's Your Margin?

by TheChurch.Digital: Dearest church leader, online pastor, or tech worker- With all sincerity, I tell you this: Take a break. It’s the only way you’re going to successfully rediscover your RHYTHM. Don’t get snippy with me, either.  I know it’s tough right now. But your rhythm is of VITAL IMPORTANCE. […]

How Pastors can Pivot for Discipleship and Community in a Distributed World

by TheChurch.Digital: In the last few weeks, we’ve seen a significant change in how the church uses digital platforms for gathering communities together. In the months to come, the question I’ve been asking myself is, “How far back will the pendulum swing?” My prayer is that the church embraces technology […]

PODCAST 058: What Does It Mean to be On Mission During Coronavirus?

by Jeff Reed: What is the role of the Church? In this Coronavirus season, that is a difficult question. How do we broadcast our church service online? By far this is the most popular question the church is asking in this Coronavirus season. While it’s a valid question to ask, […]

Four Tips for Training Up Good Online Small Group Leaders

Psst. Church leaders. Let’s rap about Zoom. You know the whole video conferencing thing that has become even more of a thing in the last few weeks, as COVID-19 has taken over? I don’t want to talk about the stock price ZOOM-ing incredibly high (even if people are buying the […]

Part Two: A Hub and Spoke Model to Create Digital Community for Small Groups and Sunday School

In part one of this article, we looked at four important criteria for creating digital community in your church, and gave some quick recommendations if you want to pursue a decentralized approach where you empower individual group leaders with one or more suggested platforms, provide coaching and training on those […]

Church Live Video Streams Weekend Service from Remote Location

by Jeff Reed: With the reductions and restrictions of large gatherings over the past week, churches all over the world have been forced to create a space for their church family to gather together on the weekend, without physically being next to one another. For portable City Light Church in […]

Opportunities During this Disruptive Time

by Jeff Reed: With church buildings closing and thousands of churches frantically broadcasting their Sunday services online for the first time in hopes of giving people an option, I have to wonder. Why? I mean, if we’re going to do a big production in the building on Sunday, I get […]

Triage Mode for Small Groups

by Jeff Reed: How are your office walls feeling around you right now? Like they’re closing in, Episode-4-trash-compactor style? (Congrats if you’re on the same page as me there) We’re only about 14 days removed from the entire Western world starting to shut down, having to look to work-at-home methods […]