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Digital Church and Technology Helps

Home > Blog > Digital Church and Technology Helps March 17, 2021 Digital Church and Technology Helps By New Churches Team Brady Shearer was in his third year of school working toward a degree in youth ministry when he was hired by a church as an intern to work in […]


In-Person Church Attendance Is Here To Stay (But 5 Ways It’s Changing In the Future)

By Carey Nieuwhof: As things continue to change and the crisis we’re in drags on, you’re probably asking what’s going to happen to physical church attendance in the future. That’s a really important question. The good news is that as long as there are people, people will gather. The need […]


3 Shocking Statistics That Show How Quickly, Radically (and Permanently?) Church Is Changing in 2020

By Carey Nieuwhof: When you’re in the middle of a disruption, it’s hard to know exactly what’s changing, let alone how deeply or permanently things are changing. As 2020 soon draws to a close, there are three numbers that, at least for me, show how quickly, radically and perhaps permanently […]


Beyond Vanity Metrics and Algorithms: 5 Online Benchmarks Churches Should Start Measuring

by Carey Nieuwhof: How do you measure what happened at church last weekend? How do you know that you’re actually making progress? If the goal is to turn online views into real relationships and actual discipleship, any idea what to look for to know if that’s actually transpiring? The super-inflated […]


7 Weird Lies About Online Church Pastors Need To Stop Believing

by Carey Nieuwhof: You’ve had so much change thrown at you this year, it’s hard to know what to do. Especially about church online. As more and more churches re-gather, it will be easier than ever to look at church online as something you had to do to survive, or […]