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March 17, 2021

Digital Church and Technology Helps

By New Churches Team

Brady Shearer was in his third year of school working toward a degree in youth ministry when he was hired by a church as an intern to work in their media department on videography, social media, branding, and communications. This wasn’t anything he had been trained for, and he learned on the job. He looked at his classmates and realized that he had learned those skills and they would need them also, so he began to teach them. In 2013, he started Pro Church Tools. Now he has a team of 15 people that creates software products and teaches churches how to navigate communication shifts.

Tracking Disciple-Making Metrics

In 2010, a conversation on church attendance started when the rise in digital platforms for churches began. That conversation has been fast tracked the last 12 months. Some questions we need to be asking are: What does discipleship-making look like in your church? How can you expand metrics so that you are tracking those that demonstrate what a person who is becoming more like Christ looks like? Church attendance alone can’t answer the question of if people are becoming more Christlike.

Consider what the fulfillment of mission looks like at your church. What are the next steps? Serving, giving, leading a group, volunteering, attending a church service, attending a church event, and submitting a prayer request are all things you can use digital tools to track and can give you an accurate picture of discipleship in your church.

Digital Church in a COVID World

In the last year, every church has had to figure out how to reach their people on digital platforms. Digital giving began for many churches. Churches have had to increase their social media platforms. And churches have learned the best ways to host online church.

Digital fatigue is real and is increasing. “When you are creating content, one of the best things to keep in mind is that you want to stop the scroll,” Shearer explains. To do this, you need visual versatility. You need to change your background and other creative elements so that the viewer sees something new and is drawn in.

Also, consider how completely pre-recorded services provide less tech problems overall. You have more tech work up front, but the day of you just upload and run the service. You can still have live interaction with live moderators responding to questions in real time.

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