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Jesus-Centered Missions

By Jay Fast: I’ll never forget the moment when I was struck with the fact that Jesus intentionally used short-term, cross-cultural mission trips as part of his disciple-making process. It was the spring of 2013, I was sitting on a bench made from rough-cut logs on a beautiful day at […]


Applying the 70/20/10 Learning Principle to Church

Home > Blog > Applying the 70/20/10 Learning Principle to Church Applying the 70/20/10 Learning Principle to Church By New Churches Team The 70/20/10 Adult learning principle describes the following: 70% of learning is accomplished by doing (on the job, trial and error); 20% of learning is accomplished through informal […]


The Future of Disciple Making: Four Focus Shifts Churches Must Make NOW

By Justin Gravitt: The future is coming. If you look closely toward the horizon you can see a hint of light pushing against the darkness. As the future rises now is the time to seize the day! Though we currently sit in the darkness of the in-between, a new day […]


An Actionable Plan to Replicate Disciples Where You Live

by Bobby Harrington: You’ve embraced the disciple-making lifestyle, but now what? You need to get equipped on what to do. In this series about our disciple-making partners we help you find excellent guides so you can become a more effective disciple maker. Meet Robby Gallaty, leader of Replicate Ministries. Tell us […]