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Do You Have the Passion Level of a Successful Leader? How to Tell

by Carey Nieuwhof: If there’s one characteristic I see in successful leaders in growing churches and organizations, it’s passion. The more church leaders I connect with, the more I see this trend: leaders of growing churches (and growing organizations) have a white hot passion for their mission. You can hear […]


6 Stock Expressions Every Leader Should Stop Using

by Carey Nieuwhof: You say things every day as leaders that work against you, not for you. Have a look at the list below, and you’ll immediately recognize that you probably say some (or all) of these things without even realizing it. They’re almost verbal ticks in our culture. They’re stock […]


3 Secrets to Crushing Your Goals AND Loving Your Family

by Carey Nieuwhof: Most people think that if you win at work, you need to lose at home. The demands of leadership are so tough that it’s almost impossible to win on both fronts. And—honestly—sometimes we lie to ourselves as leaders. We pretend it’s going great at home when we know […]