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What Judas Taught Me About Life & Ministry

by Stan Rodda: Something really interesting jumped out at me as I was reading Matthew 10 the other day. The first four verses of that chapter stood out to me unlike ever before and God showed me something I need to think more about. He drew my attention to finishing […]


The Underestimated, Secret Power of Humility

The Underestimated, Secret Power of Humility .et_post_meta_wrapper by Brandon Cox: How does a person become great and powerful? Our usual answers revolve around realizing the goodness within ourselves, overcoming the competition around us, and suppressing all of our weaknesses. God’s plan is the opposite, of course, and it works far […]


Life: It’s STILL Not About You

Life: It’s STILL Not About You .et_post_meta_wrapper Over a decade ago, Pastor Rick Warren wrote The Purpose Driven Life, which went viral and global. I still give it away all the time as a basic primer on life as God intended it to be lived. And this best-selling book starts […]


CNLP 307: John Ortberg and Carey Nieuwhof on Workaholism, How to Be Appropriately Vulnerable, and Finding God When Things are Bad in Leadership

by Carey Nieuwhof: John Ortberg has a brand new podcast, What Were You Thinking? Today, we flip the mic, and John interviews Carey Nieuwhof about workaholism, how to be appropriately vulnerable about your story, and finding God when things get tough in life and leadership. Welcome to Episode 307 of […]


Be Wise About Your Faith Journey

by Discipleship.org: Four people were on a plane when it suddenly lost power and started falling toward the ground. The pilot got on the radio to announce an even bigger problem: “There are four of us, but only three parachutes. It’s my plane and my parachutes, so I’m going to […]


Leaders Need Grace Too

Home > Blog > Leaders Need Grace Too Leaders Need Grace Too By Paul Tripp Nothing will harm your ministry more than thinking that you have arrived. Nothing will harm your ministry more than you thinking that you no longer need what you have been called to give the people […]


The Number One Killer Of Church Planters, Part 2

Home > Blog > The Number One Killer Of Church Planters, Part 2 The Number One Killer Of Church Planters, Part 2 By Ben Connelly In part 1, we examined the names and faces of pride in Scripture. In part 2, we will continue this discussion with Israel’s leaders and […]


4 Ways to Show You’re Really ‘In Love’ with Your Spouse

4 Ways to Show You’re Really ‘In Love’ with Your Spouse .et_post_meta_wrapper I first met my wife in high school. I was a senior, she was a junior, and we were seven lockers apart. We met. We talked… a LOT. We fell in love. That phrase is actually a pretty good […]


5 Things A Leader Worth Following Always Gets Right

by Carey Nieuwhof: The longer I lead and the more I see, the more I’m convinced that character ultimately determines a leader’s true success. Moral failure takes out more leaders than it should. But real success is deeper than just avoiding the ditch. So where does the deepest level of leadership success […]


The Secret of Successful Leaders: 4 Reasons Self-Awareness is Essential for Leadership

This post is by Jenni Catron. Jenni is Founder and CEO of The 4Sight Group and is a member of my  Speaking Team. You can book Jenni to consult with your team or speak at your next event here. By Jenni Catron Today’s leaders have the tools to grow things rapidly but […]