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The Biggest Obstacle of Disciple Making

By Justin Gravitt: I was wrong. Four years ago, I wrote that the biggest barrier to discipleship was busyness, but it’s not true now, and honestly, it doesn’t look like it was true then either. At the time, I quoted from Barna’s recently published “The State of Discipleship” study in […]


The Growing Megachurch Isn’t Your Enemy. This Is.

By Carey Nieuwhof: Who are you really ‘competing’ against in ministry? It’s an interesting question, and you may be tempted to dismiss as either inappropriate or bad theology. Fair enough. Except a lot of leaders are competitive, and if you’ve ever felt yourself secretly resenting anything that seems to be […]


Why Cool Church Doesn’t Work Anymore (More on the Future Church)

by Carey Nieuwhof: Everything has its season. And the season of the cool church is, in many ways, coming to an end. Recently, I wrote a post that generated a lot of discussion online and offline about why charismatic churches are growing and attractional churches are past peak. You can read that […]


Why Andy Stanley is Right About Reaching Post-Christians

by Carey Nieuwhof: If you want to reach post-Christian, post-modern people—in other words, the next generation—how do you do it, effectively? Although you might not know it if you just perused social media, the majority of churches are plateaued or dying. And even among growing churches, not all growth is coming […]