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How to Pastor a Mob

By Craig Nieuwhof: How do you pastor a mob? The truth is you can’t. At least not easily. The only problem is that right now you have to. In the last few years, we’ve moved from an era of reasonable consensus to polarization, partisanship, and division. That’s true of congregations, boards, […]

Stop Being Limited By Leadership Scars

by Shawn Lovejoy: I have lots of scars. I have torn both ACL’s, the major ligament in each knee; I have a scar on top of my head from the time I had to get ten stitches because a PAIR of horseshoes fell on my head (long story, but it […]


5 Really Small Habits That Produce Big Results

By Carey Nieuwhof Sometimes leadership can seem so overwhelming. In reality, though, leadership is simpler than it first appears. In many ways, great leaders master some very basic habits that other people miss. The advice in this post is so simple you might be thinking “well, my mother used to […]


DLP #008: What to Do When You’ve Stopped Growing

DLP #008: What to Do When You’ve Stopped Growing .et_post_meta_wrapper by Brandon Cox: Have you ever hit a wall in your leadership? It’s that feeling that your organization should be growing… YOU should be growing, and the people around you should be growing, but everything feels stagnant. In this episode, […]


The 7 Most Likely Challenges To Take You Out or Stunt Your Growth As a Leader

by Carey Nieuwhof: You didn’t start out in leadership to give up early or never realize your potential, but admit it: you’ve seen it happen to leaders around you all the time. The question is: is it happening to you? It’s a great question to ask…and not enough leaders ask it. […]


9 Surprising Challenges You’ll Face When Your Church Grows

by Carey Nieuwhof: It’s easy to believe that there will come a day when your church or organization will never struggle and you’ll never struggle as a leader. As tempting as that is to believe, it’s just not true. Every church struggles. And every leader struggles. And—yes—even growing churches struggle. I outlined the struggles […]