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The Appetite of a Disciple Maker

Justin Gravitt: What would Jesus eat if He joined your feast this year? Picture it with me, Jesus sits down at the table with your family. In the middle of the table sits a plump golden-brown turkey surrounded by green beans, mashed potatoes, crescent rolls, cranberry sauce, corn casserole, sweet […]


What’s the Difference? Shepherding vs. Disciple Making

by Justin Gravitt: Clarity breeds brevity. Lack of clarity leads to lots of words. Our churches today lack clarity on disciple making. That confusion is evident by the long list of words used interchangeably such as discipleship, coaching, mentoring, disciple making, and shepherding. Unfortunately, these words aren’t synonyms. Instead of […]


How Do You Know When You’ve Made a Disciple?

Justin Gravitt: How do you know when you’ve made a disciple? It’s an important question, after all Jesus’ last words were for us make disciples as we go. It wasn’t a new mission, but rather one that He’d invited his disciples into very early in His ministry (Matthew 4:19). The […]


Why Do Small Groups Exist?

by Justin Gravitt: Recently I’ve been using two sneaky questions to ask pastors and small group participants why small groups exist at all. The question I ask pastors is, “I know nearly every church has them, but what Scriptural examples are there of small groups?” Most take me to Scriptures […]


Learn from Navigators Church Ministries

by Bobby Harrington: We want you to meet Justin Gravitt, who leads Navigators Church Ministries. We want to help you find the best disciple-making guides, and that’s why we’re continuing to introduce these partners to you. Here’s what Justin said about his ministry in our interview with him: Tell us about […]