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Learn from Navigators Church Ministries


by Bobby Harrington: We want you to meet Justin Gravitt, who leads Navigators Church Ministries.

We want to help you find the best disciple-making guides, and that’s why we’re continuing to introduce these partners to you.

Here’s what Justin said about his ministry in our interview with him:

Tell us about the name of your ministry.

Navigators Church Ministries is a mission of The Navigators, which began as a ministry to the Navy in 1933. For the past fifty years, we’ve intentionally helped pastors and church leaders with disciple-making.

What is your unique disciple-making emphasis?

In early church times, “the disciples were increasing in numbers by leaps and bounds” (Acts 6:1, MSG). It’s still happening today—through Navigators Church Ministries (among others).

We come alongside pastors, church leaders, and everyday disciple makers to develop generations of disciples in everyday life—where they live, work, study, or worship.

In a nutshell, we’re a national team of several hundred people who serve as “boots on the ground.” We come alongside pastors, church leaders, and passionate disciple makers to accomplish our vision: Growing disciple makers and disciple-making cultures through churches everywhere to impact neighborhoods, communities, and all nations. We do this through three essential ministry thrusts, all in the context of life-to-life resourcing:

Picking up from the email . . . 

Growing Intentional Disciple-Making Cultures — We help pastors and church leaders move from a ministry of the few to the heart of a church’s culture.
Life & Leadership Coaching — Certified Coaches help leaders and laborers focus on the “Core 4” of a Life Plan, Ministry Vision, Ministry Plan, and Priority Management.
Everyday Disciple Makers — In the spirit of Jesus’ compassionate call to pray for “laborers in the harvest,” we help equip and launch everyday people for exponential Kingdom impact.

How do you help everyday disciples who aspire to be disciple makers?

Walking alongside everyday men and women is part of our DNA. Our founder was an everyday disciple maker who went out and made disciples in the natural movement of his life. Since then we’ve been passing on to others what has been entrusted to us. We are disciples who make disciples. But it wasn’t our idea, this is clearly evident in Paul’s disciple-making, as he reflects to his young protege Timothy: “and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also” (2 Timothy 2:2).

Navigators Church Ministries will be at the National Disciple Making Forum this November. Learn from them in person and get your leaders’ tickets here.

We help everyday disciple makers make disciples, one-to-one, one-to-two, or one-to-three. We invest in churches, helping them grow disciple-making cultures that don’t stay within church walls. We help churches send everyday disciple makers into their neighborhoods, workplaces, and families to advance the gospel for Jesus’ sake.

We have developed proven resources for use in those contexts such as the 2:7 Series and the more recently published The Ways of the Alongsider.

We also have a free assessment that helps you see where you in becoming a disciple maker. This assessment helps you understand five critical characteristics of disciple makers and what your best next steps are for growth and reproduction.

Who are the key Leaders in your Network?

Dane Allphin, national director for Navigators Church Ministries. A pastor for over 30 years. His leadership has grown our work in both depth and breadth.

Justin Gravitt, a former overseas missionary, has developed disciple-making cultures for twenty years. He has led the way in networking local disciple-making churches toward a movement.

Bill Mowry, author of The Ways of the Alongsider, and resident “questioner-in-chief”. His perspective drives us forward in fresh and relevant disciple-making.

How can people Connect with you?

Visit our website www.navigatorchurchministries.com to connect to staff in your area and to disciple-making resources aimed at pastors and church leaders.

For King Jesus,

Bobby Harrington, Point Leader, Discipleship.org

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