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Rhythm and Rest

by Healthy Growing Churches: Imagine for a moment it is a few days after Labor Day later this year. Your laptop is fired up while some really good music plays in the background. You are sipping a warm cup of great coffee in the middle of a very busy week. […]


How to Overcome Your FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) Once and For All

How to Overcome Your FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) Once and For All .et_post_meta_wrapper by Brandon Cox: FOMO (the “fear of missing out”) is a real thing, and it’s more intense than ever. We’re afraid we’ll miss out on all the cool stuff. We’ll miss out on doing something significant […]


7 Signs Church Leaders Are Just Busy, Not Effective

by Rich Birch: As one season rolls into the next, it’s a natural time for us to step back and evaluate whether we are being as effective as possible in our churches. As I think about my own performance over the years and consider how I serve my communities, I’m […]


What Real Rest Looks Like for a Pastor

by Brandon A. Cox: Resting isn’t nearly as easy as it sounds. Our traditional definition of rest is simple enough: Do less. A more fleshed-out, biblical understanding of rest, however, is a bit deeper than merely doing less. It’s really doing less to allow time and space to become more. And […]