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7 Signs Church Leaders Are Just Busy, Not Effective


by Rich Birch: As one season rolls into the next, it’s a natural time for us to step back and evaluate whether we are being as effective as possible in our churches. As I think about my own performance over the years and consider how I serve my communities, I’m always drawn back to this question: “Am I just busy or am I actually being effective?” When I reflect on those periods when I’m just busy (and not necessarily being effective), a variety of behaviors come to mind. I recall habits or approaches that I have come to recognize as signs of me just doing busy work rather than pushing the mission of my church forward.

Each mission that God has called us to is incredibly important. It is my desire that your church reach its full potential, and part of seeing that happen includes you and your team leading at the highest possible level. In an attempt to be transparent, I’d like to share with you several signs that appear in my life when I’m busy but not effective. I’d like you to compare and contrast these to your own life and comment below if any resonate with you…


Source: 7 Signs Church Leaders Are Just Busy, Not Effective – unSeminary