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Episode 559: Preaching on Church Planting

By NewChurches.com: In Episode 559 of the NewChurches Q&A Podcast, Daniel and Ed discuss an outline for a sermon series on church planting “If you had four Sundays at the very beginning of the year in January, what are four big things you would talk about to begin the visioning […]


5 Best Practices For Using Invite Cards At Your Church

by Rich Birch: We live in a digital age, so why are we bothering to talk about paper invitations? Can these little cards that announce upcoming series at your church still be an effective tool in the here and now? Haven’t we moved beyond mass broadcasting to use platforms like […]


5 Tips to Make Series Titles at Your Church More Sticky

by Rich Birch: Churches will often organize their Sunday morning content into series. In the simplest terms, a series is a collection of organized ideas and content that is easy for people to understand and share with their friends. As I discuss in my book, Church Growth Flywheel, leveraging the […]


Do These 8 Steps When Your Church Launches a New Series

by Rich Birch: Church growth is more of a flywheel than a cannon shot. It requires consistent energy applied in the same direction over time to see results. It doesn’t happen overnight but as you gain traction the small wins start to add up and something truly amazing happens. A […]