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Success Is a Weekly Agenda

By Ken Adams: My ministry friend, Brian Dodd, says that, “Success is a daily agenda.” I agree with Brian, but I’ve found that my life revolves around a weekly agenda more than a daily agenda. Granted, days make weeks and weeks make months and years, so ultimately the idea is […]


A Simple & Scalable Way to Reproduce Christians with David Putnam

by unSeminary: Welcome to this week’s unSeminary podcast. I’m excited to have David Putnam with us today. David spent many years as a church planter and executive pastor and today consults with churches as a lead navigator with Auxano. David has also founded the organization Planting the Gospel which helps […]


Never Stop Going Deeper

Never Stop Going Deeper .et_post_meta_wrapper by Brandon Cox: Pine trees grow fast. That’s why pine is the cheapest of woods to purchase for building projects. Pine tree farms can raise a crop of trees to maturity in a decade. The strength of a pine tree is also its greatest weakness. […]


Discipleship vs. Disciple Making

by Bobby Harrington: Discipleship-first friends, One of the things we champion at Discipleship.org is an emphasis on disciple making. We value the use of the expression “discipleship”—enough to name our whole ministry after it!—but we also appreciate the clarity that comes from a focus on disciple-making. With permission, I am republishing a […]


4 Crucial Qualities of a Small Group Leader

by Jim Putman: Small Group Leaders play a vital role in accomplishing the mission and vision of your church. They help create and develop environments in which members can connect with God and each other for the purpose of discipleship. They present an example and model of what being a disciple of Jesus looks like in […]


A False Spiritual Maturity Test For Your Church…and a Better One

by Carey Nieuwhof: One of the frequent criticisms I hear of churches that are trying to reach people who don’t attend church is that they fail to produce ‘disciples’. Honestly, this is a criticism that, off and on, has been levied at our ministry for years. And it bothers me. On a recent […]