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4 Crucial Qualities of a Small Group Leader


by Jim Putman: Small Group Leaders play a vital role in accomplishing the mission and vision of your church. They help create and develop environments in which members can connect with God and each other for the purpose of discipleship. They present an example and model of what being a disciple of Jesus looks like in action. Because of the influence they have, there are a few crucial qualities that they need to be walking out in their life. Small Group leaders do not have to perfect – God uses imperfect people because that is all he has to work with!

When we first started Real Life Ministries our need for small groups grew at a faster rate than we were able to raise up leaders.  Because of this, we had to place people in leadership positions before they were completely confident in leading. God blessed us and brought growth even in our deficiencies, as he always does. Going through this forced us to quickly put some criteria together for identifying and raising up small group leaders. We found that as we looked at the members that had been able to go on to lead and facilitate groups effectively, there were a few qualities that they had all started with.


This was originally posted on Jim Putman’s blog here. Used with permission.


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