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Launching a Student Ministry at a New Campus or a Church Plant


By New Churches Team: There are many different ways to develop multisite campuses and new church plants. You can have twin campuses that look exactly the same; you can have sibling campuses that are definitely related, but not mirrors of each other; you can have cousin campuses that resemble each other, but require a deeper look to find the relation; and you can have a network that’s not related nor do they look the same but they share a common vision or mission. Each of these options will work for different churches with different needs.

Recently, I chatted with Ryan McDermott, the Director of Student Ministries and Young Adults at Christ Fellowship Church in South Florida. He and I discussed what it looks like to launch a student ministry at a new campus or a church plant. Ryan began leading his first student ministry at the age of 19. Five years later he joined the staff at Christ Fellowship Church, where he has been for eight years. Christ Fellowship currently has nine campuses plus two smaller expressions of their student ministry in communities where they don’t currently have a campus. For Ryan and Christ Fellowship Church, creating twin campuses allows them to be the best stewards of their time and resources, and helps members know they will receive the same experience no matter what campus they attend…


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Source: Launching a Student Ministry at a New Campus or a Church Plant