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What Can You Control?

Home > Blog > What Can You Control? What Can You Control? By Michael Kelley The Bible tells us the truth. It tells us the truth about God, about the nature of the world, and – perhaps most uncomfortably – about ourselves. We might, in fact, think of the Bible […]


Ecclesiastes Can Help Us Emerge From Quarantine

Home > Blog > Ecclesiastes Can Help Us Emerge From Quarantine Ecclesiastes Can Help Us Emerge From Quarantine By Michael Kelley In Ecclesiastes, we find an almost scientific reflection on every pursuit ultimately leaves one disappointed. Our natural propensity is to find something that brings us the slightest amount of […]


Manna Church’s Multisite Strategy

By: Portable Church Industries Manna Church’s Multisite Strategy Multisite |   .et_post_meta_wrapper Whitepaper #2 on unique Multisite Strategies. (See the first whitepaper featuring Life.Church here). Manna Church based in NC was featured in Outreach Magazines Top 100 list on all three of their categories, Fastest Growing, Largest and Top Reproducing […]


The Most Valuable Asset You Possess

The Most Valuable Asset You Possess .et_post_meta_wrapper by Brandon Cox: As I confessed in another recent devotional, I sometimes tend to be a know-it-all. In other words, I’m afraid of not having the answers, so I’m tempted to fake it and make something up if I can’t answer the question. […]


Be Wise About Your Faith Journey

by Discipleship.org: Four people were on a plane when it suddenly lost power and started falling toward the ground. The pilot got on the radio to announce an even bigger problem: “There are four of us, but only three parachutes. It’s my plane and my parachutes, so I’m going to […]


5 Signs The Enemy (Not God) is Winning In Your Life and Leadership

by Carey Nieuwhof: Only the crazy people believe in evil and an actual Enemy, right? Well, that’s kind of what I used to think too. As a young Christian, I believed that what the scriptures taught about evil was accurate, but accurate in a this happened thousands of years ago kind of […]


Finding the Pathway To True Wisdom In A Land Of Relativism

by Jim Putman: What is wisdom? The dictionary defines wisdom as the ability to discern what is true or right. This is a problematic definition for me because our modern culture believes that what is right for you is right for you and what is right for me is right for me. So–how do we discern what […]