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Manna Church’s Multisite Strategy


By: Portable Church Industries

Whitepaper #2 on unique Multisite Strategies.

(See the first whitepaper featuring Life.Church here).

Manna Church based in NC was featured in Outreach Magazines Top 100 list on all three of their categories, Fastest Growing, Largest and Top Reproducing Churches. This is their incredible story discussing their multiplication strategies. 

We sat down with Senior Pastor Michael Fletcher and downloaded his wisdom. We ended with this resource jam packed full of insight on how Manna Church through trial and error finally landed on a multisite strategy that works for their church and their unique calling.With a vision to see a church at every large military base, Manna has fine tuned their strategy to create 15 successful campuses across the US in addition to a number of home churches and more in the works. The ‘why and how’ they capture this vision is incredible.

Here are some of the main takeaways from this resource (to name a few). 

In this whitepaper Micheal speaks to the challenge of ministering to members of the military due to frequent redeployment. All churches deal with turn over, but due to Manna’s high percentage of military congregants they experience much greater than average losses of people. Manna flipped the script and changed the high turnover rate instead into an average growth rate of 18%.

Another key lesson from the whitepaper is how they internally identify, train up and send new leaders to launch and run new campuses. They use a very unique approach that they have found great success with (you’ll have to download the whitepaper to see what it is :)). Pastor Michael also dives into the why and how launching ‘portable campuses’ is a key strategy of their growth and sustainability (and why they choose Portable Church®!)

Again, there is even more to the resource than what we’ve listed, but we hope this intrigues you enough to read this short, 6 page resource about one of the leading multisite churches in the United States. 

*When our team sat down with Pastor Michael, we were so blessed and amazed by his perspective. And guess what… we recorded our conversation so you can listen and be blessed too! We weren’t expecting as much as we were getting so we started the recording a little late, but we strongly encourage you to check out this story and the recording. Let it inspire you to move into the unique calling God has placed on your church.  

If your church is considering multiplying or adding another campus check out the video here and make sure you download the resource for the full story! 

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Source: Manna Church’s Multisite Strategy