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Three Characteristics of Church Planting Systems


By Ed Stetzer: Three basic findings describe where North American organizations are collectively in adjusting their systems to equip churches to become church planting churches.

Implementation of Church Multiplication Practices

First, we are seeing significant attempts to implement church multiplication practices into church planting systems, particularly in an organization’s vision and training.

In our survey, we asked the question: Where does your organization use language such as (or similar to) church planting churches, church multiplication, Level 5 churches, sending churches, reproducing churches, or parent churches?

Almost half of the 130 organizations who answered have incorporated church multiplication language into either their mission or vision statements, and more than half have incorporated it into their value statements.

When asked about which competencies they provide training for, 73% of organizations indicated that they provide training in church multiplication.


Source: Three Characteristics of Church Planting Systems