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Using Tech to Increase Bible Engagement at Your Church with Scott Lindsey


By unSeminary: Welcome back to another episode of the unSeminary podcast. We’re honored to have with us today Scott Lindsey, the executive director at Faithlife.

Faithlife is the company which created the Logos Bible Software for digital Bible study. Scott is with us today to talk about Faithlife, how they can help you, and how you can use Logos in your ministry to increase Bible literacy.

The power of 4. // The Center for Bible Engagement performed a huge study of about 400,000 people and explored Bible engagement in North America. The resulting study, Understanding the Bible Engagement Challenge: Scientific Evidence for the Power of 4, found that spending time in the Bible one, two or three times a week has a negligible affect on key areas of our lives. But as soon people are reading scriptures at least four times a week, there is a spike in the positive affect it has in helping people deal with hard times. Specifically the study found that feeling lonely drops 30%, anger issues drop 32%, alcoholism drops 57%, relational issues (especially in marriage) drop 40%, pornography and other sexual sin drops 62%, and feeling spiritually stagnant drops 60%. The word of the living God is active, but if we’re not in it and it’s not filling and informing us, it isn’t going to have an affect.Address the pain points. // The number one excuse people use for not reading scripture is time. The other, especially from younger generations, is that they find the Bible intimidating or boring. Logos addresses these pain points by simplifying Bible study with the use of technology. The application will allow you to type in a topic or a passage and in a matter of seconds the software does the work of searching scripture, commentaries and other resources and puts them at your fingertips – research that would take you hours upon hours to find and summarize.Carry it with you. // Having this wealth of resources available within an app on your device of choice removes the need to have to carry a Bible, notebooks and study resources with you wherever you go. Whether you are traveling, on vacation, at work or just on the go, Logos makes it simple to stay in God’s word.More than just Logos. // Faithlife is the other side of the tech that runs Logos. They began by providing software for church membership, online giving and so on. Now they’ve grown to also offer things such as a tv channel, websites for churches, and video courses for seminary. What makes Faithlife unique is that the focus for all of their technologies and services is Bible-centered – even for something like kids check-in. Through this system when parents pick up their kids, they are equipped to engage with them about what they’re learning in the Bible.A customized experience. // Logos has over six million users worldwide and over 160,000 theological titles formatted for its search engine. This vast theological library enables them to provide specific libraries to specific groups and denominations. In addition, the libraries are available in different languages such as Spanish, Korean, Chinese and more.One platform. // Many churches are faced with the problem of piecing together technologies from different sources and trying to get them to work together. Faithlife is the first ministry integrated platform and can help streamline the different aspects of your church or ministry so that you don’t need to have an expert on staff to deal with each area.

You can learn more about Faithlife’s Logos Bible Software as well as get a special discount by visiting logos.com/unseminary.

To explore Faithlife’s integrated platform and all the resources the offer, visit their website.

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