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What is Coaching and Who Needs It?


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April 14, 2021

What is Coaching and Who Needs It?

By New Churches Team

The Coaching Relationship

Stephen Webb recently left his church staff position to become a full-time coach for pastors, leaders, and church planters. He explains that his job is to pull out the best in people, to the point that it may not be something they even know they have in them, and even to the point that they exceed his coaching abilities and they need to move on to another coach. “I am only successful as the people I make successful,” he shares.

The coaching relationship will be different, depending on the needs of the leader and the individual coach. But the coach should be good at finding the innate gifts in someone and pulling them out. The coach should challenge the leader’s thinking and help them shatter paradigms.

Time for a Coach

If you have reached a point when you feel like you need a coach, it is probably already past time. A coach is an investment from the beginning. Instead of looking for a big picture coach, consider a “position” coach or a coach that can help you in one specific area for a few months. Consider areas that you can use help in like your preaching craft or finances and budgeting. This position coach can help move the needle in little ways that can make future broader coaching more helpful.

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Source: What is Coaching and Who Needs It?