PlanterPrep: Church Planting Training Tools & Residency Program

Church Planting ResidencyPassion for Planting is thrilled to offer free training tools like our online tutorial and courses. These tools, as well as our Church Planter Residency program, are designed to help you get the best start possible. Starting a church isn’t as simple as we’d all like it to be. There are lots of things that have to happen between now and holding public worship services. These tools will help you get started on your church planting journey.

Free Church Planting Tutorial

A step by step church planting tutorial covering over 20 topics you need to address as you plant your church. Ready to get started? Being our church planting tutorial.

Free Online Church Planting Courses

Passion for Planting is proud to offer online church planting courses developed in partnership with Exponential.

  • NCL-101:  Introduction to New Church Development
    You’ve been called to plant a church – now what? This Introduction to New Church Development course provides valuable “next steps” for the incredible journey you’re about to embark on. You’ll receive practical nuts and bolts knowledge and learn “how to” methods for church planting from the ground up. Topics include: calling, vision, planning, oversight, fundraising, volunteer management, and operations for the new church (e.g. marketing, outreach, facilities, equipment, legal requirements, worship/teaching).
  • NCL-201:  Practical Ministry in the New Church
    Pastors are counselors, teachers, and leaders. They’re motivators, encouragers, and preachers. But most importantly, pastors should be shepherds. The planter needs to be ready on day 1 to serve as pastor and shepherd for the new church family. In this course, the planter will learn “how to” skills for practical ministry areas such as pastoral care, counseling, weddings, funerals, benevolence and family ministry (children and youth).
  • NCL-301:  Preaching and Teaching in the New Church
    Why do churches make such a big deal out of preaching? Why does the sermon typically take up half of a church service?  Well, the truth is churches make a big deal out of preaching because the Bible makes a big deal of preaching. Sermon preparation and delivery is one of the most important functions of the senior minster. This course will prepare the church planter for preaching and teaching in the new church.

Church Planting Residency Program

Join us to prepare for the experience of your life… Church Planting.  By participating in a Passion for Planting Church Planting Residency (11 month program) you’ll gain the practical experience you need to succeed by “learning the R.O.P.E.S.”

Research: Research potential church plant locations and their communities. Learn the how-to’s of church planting.
Observe: Observe and participate in ministry at healthy church plants. Serve significantly at New Life Christian Church (a church planting church) and spend quality time at three other regional church plants. Learn what it means to reach people far from God.
Present: Present and discuss your God-given vision and strategies with your peers and mentors.
Evaluate: Evaluate presentation feedback as well as peer presentations to prepare for healthier church starts.
Support: Support your peers and be supported as you embark on your planting journey.

A Church Planting Residency Program

Discovering & Equipping Next Generation Leaders

Residency Options

Embedded Residency:  This option requires the resident to work/learn with Passion for Planting in Northern Virginia at New Life Christian Church.  The resident will learn the “nuts and bolts” of church planting while participating in a Cohort with other residents.  The embedded residency also provides practical experience within the ministry departments of New Life Christian Church and with recent church plants in the region.  To apply for our Church Planting Embedded Residency, see the application process at the bottom of this page.

Distance Residency:  This option allows the resident to remain in the location of their choosing while participating in a weekly Church Planter Residency Cohort (virtually).  Distance residents will learn the “nuts and bolts” of church planting while developing the strategies/plans required to plant a heathly church.  Distance residents will be required to attend two (week-long) onsite requirements during the 11 month residency period at New Life Christian Church (a church-planting church) in Northern Virginia.

Practical Experience

Our focus on practical experience prepares you to transition to the Church Planter/Senior Minister role with an emphasis on proven community outreach and service methods.  Other experience includes:

  • Practical ministry assignments at New Life Christian Church and other regional church plants
  • Tailored theological training
  • Developing the plans you’ll need to plant (ex. Launch Plan, Marketing Plan, Fundraising Plan, etc.)
  • Leadership training including strategic planning, critical thinking, and more
  • Teaching team experience
  • Participation in regional church planter coaching gatherings

Compensation & Fundraising

While a monthly stipend is provided to qualified embedded residents, residents are also expected to raise funds during their residency.  A portion of these funds may be set aside for the future church plant.

Church Planting Residency Application

NOTE:  Our Fall 2015 Church Planter Residency Cohort is FULL.   Applications for next year’s (Fall 2016) Cohort will be received beginning in the Spring of 2016.

To Apply for Church Planting Residency Program:

  1. Visit
  2. Click: Register New Account
  3. Create Account
  4. Request Affiliation with: Passion for Planting
  5. Proceed through the online Application Phases

Questions?  Please email for questions about our church planting residency programs.

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