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10 Top Disciple Making Trends for 2019 (Part 2)


by Bobby Harrington: This is part of a two-part blog series. If you haven’t yet read Part 1, which contains trends 1-5, read it by clicking here.

As I mentioned at the open of the last blog — the first five trends in Part 1 — we’ve seen some great, encouraging, and inspiring trends over the last year among disciple-makers, leaders, and churches. We are grateful to God for each of them.

Now I want to transition from describing current trends to prescribing actions based on the needs that we are observing. We encourage you to consider how you can adopt the following practices. We believe they are foundational to the long-term effectiveness of the discipleship-first tribe.

Download a beautiful PDF with all 10 trends by clicking here (coming soon).

6. Get people into God’s Word

People need God’s Word. The North American church needs to re-iterate her emphasis here. In generations past, this has been the norm, but not any more. In order to be faithful to God, we must maintain a high view of God’s Word — the inspired, reliable, trustworthy, and even infallible (when properly defined) Word of God. His Word is our ultimate and final authority.

God’s Word — spoken and written — changes lives, and it works like nothing else.

Source: 10 Top Disciple Making Trends for 2019 (Part 2)