by Peyton Jones: There are a few rules when it comes to asking for money.

First, money isn’t all you’re going to be asking your sending Pastor for.

You’re going to ask for them to pay your salary for two years. It’s always best to ask high. People always make counter offers. Originally, they weren’t probably thinking of giving you anything. Now, you might get 6 months to a year out of them. See how it works?

So after you ask, and they pause and reply, “Sorry, we just can’t do that”, you counter with, “What would be reasonable?”. Then you wait. Shut up. Don’t talk. Seriously.

In the sales world, there is a saying that says that the first person to speak after an offer has been laid out is automatically the loser in the deal. Always.

Just sit tight and wait while they think. Next, you’re going to ask them for more. Health benefits.