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3 Reasons To Start Online Small Groups

3 Reasons To Start Online Small Groups

by Rey DeArmas: In my time spent leading church online, I’ve encountered many who are a bit slow to consider leveraging digital platforms for discipleship. I understand, Church Online has its share of critics. However, online small groups should be an easy win for the Church and help many more people engage in spiritual community.

Here are 3 reasons you should consider starting an online small group at your church:

Your (physical) church is already online. This is a crucial point for you to understand. You are not introducing your church to a new concept. You are leveraging something they already do for discipleship. There are many digital platforms that your congregation uses. In other words, you do not even have to leverage a new platform. Use the social media methods that you already utilize to interact with your congregation and find a way to begin engaging a group of them in discipleship.
Those engaging you online need community. We engage on social media with the purpose of having a greater community. If someone is engaging with you on a digital platform, it is because they want to be more connected with the life of your church. Help them do so by providing discipleship where they are. Digital platforms can provide a convenient method for community and help engage those who have no other way of doing so.
The reward is greater than the risk. The only thing it will cost you is time. Many ways to engage people in community online are free. You can lead people through numerous online Bible reading plans or through conventional Bible studies. The point is, you can fulfill the mission of making disciples. This is just a new method for you to explore.

There are many more reasons, but these three should be compelling enough for you to consider how you can fulfill the mission Christ gave us by leveraging digital platforms.

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