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3 Structure Issues That Get Church Staff Teams Stuck


Today’s post is written by Tony Morgan, Founder of The UnStuck Group

Here’s a church growth lid I don’t hear people talking about very often—your org chart.

Yep, the way your church is structured can actually cap your growth. It very commonly does.

A bad structure negatively impacts the health and effectiveness of the team, which ultimately impacts the health of the church.

And you may not even realize it’s the culprit.

I often hear something like this from pastors my team at The Unstuck Group and I are serving:

“I knew we needed to assess our ministry’s health. I knew we needed to clarify our vision for the future. But I didn’t realize just how mismatched our staff structure was for our mission and ministry strategy.”

They’re referring to a key moment in their experience of walking through the Unstuck Process—which is my team’s way of helping a church assess ministry health, build a plan and strategy, align the staff structure to that strategy, and build systems for execution and follow-through.

What they learn in the Structure phase of the process seems to illuminate the rest and make it all come together. You can learn more about how the Unstuck Process works here.


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