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Being Marked By Love with Tim Stevens


Welcome to this week’s unSeminary podcast! We have the pleasure of hearing from a familiar voice today. Tim Stevens is no stranger to the podcast, and he’s talked with us before about his work with Vanderbloemen Search Group.

Today, though, the topic is different. While Tim works with VSG to help churches find staff, he’s here to today to talk about something a bit more personal. His new book, Marked by Love: A Dare to Walk Away from Judgement and Hypocrisy, explore topics and feelings that we all struggle with but fail to discuss or address. Tune in while we hear how Tim defines what it means to be marked by love.

Why he wrote the book//About six to ten years ago, in the throes of a controversial political season, Tim was heavily engaged in social media, and he grew frustrated with seeing Christians acting judgmental and hypocritical online…and then it dawned on him that he might need to reflect on his own internal struggle with judgement and hypocrisy. Tim felt it was important to examine the core of Jesus’ message, and the results of his personal study are in this new book.
Being marked by the love of Jesus in spite of differences// Tim noticed that his previous heavy diet of political commentary and cable news stirred up a side of him that was unloving, judgmental, and very nervous about what was going to happen with the world. While Tim found the positive impact it made on his life when he reduced his consumption of news media, for other people it might be another situation they need to remove themselves from.


Source: Being Marked By Love with Tim Stevens – unSeminary