By Dave Travis: Here’s a collection of interesting, thought-provoking articles from around the web from recent weeks. For more links, check out our Flipboard magazines: Leadership Network Today, Leadership Network Deep Trends, and  Ideas to Implementation to Impact, where we curate the best in innovative ideas for church leaders.

1. Eight Major Changes in Churches the Past Ten Years (  Change or die. Such has been the reality of too many congregations the past ten years as the rate of church closures has accelerated. Many have died; others are on life support. So what changes have occurred in healthy churches in the last decade? Here are eight of them.

2. Here’s Why it Feels Like You Have No Free Time in One Chart ( Ever wonder where all your free time goes? Adam Alter has an idea. At the 2017 TED conference, the NYU psychologist presented a collection of three bar graphs showing data for how people in 2007, 2015, and 2017, spend an average workday.

3. Let’s Keep Reaching Consumers A.K.A. Lost Sheep  ( “The modern Church is so consumeristic!” It’s a common line uttered by the religiously fed up, and of course, there’s a lot of truth in it. Some churches in America do tend to cater to the consumeristic mentality of our culture. But I think, on the whole, most churches don’t, and that’s actually part of the problem.

4. Perfect Match ( Businessman/pastor brings together ping-pong and church to build a God-shaped community in Detroit.

5. Who Are the Lonely in America? ( Science has shown that people who have close friendships are happier, more successful and even more physically and emotionally healthy. And in our hyper-connected culture, it may seem like it’s never been easier to make and maintain relationships. But is that true? How do Americans meet their friends? Who is most likely to feel lonely? Barna explores new data about the care and keeping of friends.

6.  3 Big Lists of Church Social Media Policies ( Part of the work of social media with churches is setting some policies to guide the church’s social media usage. Lots of people find it easier to learn from examples. So here are 3 big lists of church social media policies and resources to help.

7. How We Got Here: Spiritual and Political Profiles of America ( A recent national survey by Barna reveals how America’s five dominant faith segments think—and, importantly, how they differ in meaningful ways when it comes to their views on some of the most contentious political and spiritual issues of the day.

8. Atlanta Renters Flocking to Suburbs Outpacing Urban Growth Study Says ( Apartments may dominate residential development in the city, but suburban rentals are really booming.

9. Caring for Miami is the Miami-Dade Schools 2016-2017 District-Wide Exemplary Partner( Faith-based organization meets the physical needs of 1200 children each week.

10. Seattle Booms in Latest Census City-Level Estimates ( Seattle, a land-locked (no annexation) city in the Pacific Northwest with a limited history of high density, managed to add 20,847 people last year, a growth rate of over 3% – tops among the 25 largest cities. Seattle has added about 94,000 people just since 2010. That’s over 15% growth. The total population growth in Seattle last year was about the same as that in New York City. Even if you rank by total change instead of percentage, Seattle would still be 5th out of the top 25 – ahead of some much larger places and some much sprawlier places.