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Episode 181: Recruiting a Launch Team


by Daniel Im and Todd Adkins:

How do you recruit a solid launch team?

This week you will be getting a preview of our Developing a Core Team Course. This is day one of five where the focus will be on building a solid core team as you prepare to plant a church or campus. In today’s episode, Pastor Ronnie Parrott from Christ Community Church in Huntersville, NC talks about recruiting a launch team and specifically answers the following:

How should we look at recruiting a launch team? What does training look like?

In this episode, you’ll discover:

How to cast a vision for your church plant or campus.
Practical ways to recruit people that align with your vision.

Shareable Quotes (#NewChurches):

“Look for disciples to build, not attendees.”–@ronniep
“People give their time, talent, and treasure to vision.”–@ToddAdkins
“A challenge for the church in the coming days is that younger generations do not give to institutions–they give to vision.”–@ToddAdkins
“If you get the wrong team, you’ll get the wrong culture because culture is really shared behavior.”–@ToddAdkins
“You need to build and cast the vision to your staff, leadership, key supporters, and church before you can make the ask.”–@danielsangi

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