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Campus Planning Dashboard


By: Portable Church Industries


For multiplication minded leaders in the church while deciding on where to church plant or launch your next church campus…

A wise decision-making process is most comfortable and satisfying when ALL of the information is available.  Making fully informed decisions with “all hearts clear” speaks of the wonderful intersection of The Spirits direction coupled with real-time data.

When God’s hand is on a ministry, and leaders are challenged to accommodate the blessings of growth, DATA INFORMED (versus data driven) DECISIONS are a crucial part of stewarding the resources God is providing.  For example, your leadership team sees your church is being blessed with growth, and you are considering 3- 5 neighboring communities in which you believe God is leading you to launch a new presence.  How do you decided where God is leading you next?

Our newly released resource, The Community Finder – A Campus Launch Dashboard is simply meant to be a tool that leaders can use to accumulate all relevant information to make bold kingdom-multiplication decisions.  When a leadership team is considering where God might be leading them NEXT, this tool will help bring the data to the table of prayer.

This guide accumulates detailed data while walking you through these sections…

  • Potential new communities/neighborhoods
  • Target campus essentials
  • People from sending campus
  • Demographics of targeted community
  • Facility detail
  • Outreach ministry insights

The resource gives a brief explanation on how to use it by section, but then you are off to the spreadsheet for you to customize and fill it out according to your specific ministry. Download and start planning your next campus location, OR email our Multiplication Specialist Jeff at jeff.beachum@portablechurch.com. Get a personal online tour of the Dashboard and a 1 hour -no cost- consultation to get you on the right track to help you process through your next campus

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