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CNLP 387: Harris III on How to Recover from Cynicism, Recapturing Wonder as a Leader and the Power of Story


By Carey Nieuwhof: Harris III traveled the world as a teenage illusionist, making a million dollars by age 21 and losing it all at age 22. His growing cynicism almost took him down, but around age 30, he learned to recapture wonder.

He explains how wonder can not only recapture your personal hope (and faith), but how it’s an essential ingredient to leadership and crafting a story that rallies people.

Welcome to Episode 387 of the podcast. Listen and access the show notes below or search for the Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts and listen for free.

Plus, in this episode’s What I’m Thinking About segment, Carey talks about how you can cultivate creativity.

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1. The rules of persuasion and illusion are universal

So, what actually is magic and illusion? And, what makes it work? According to Harris, there are a set of tactics and strategies that magicians use to persuade their audiences into amazement. Those same tactics can also be used by speakers, salespeople, marketers and pastors.

2. The more you know, the more you see, the more cynical you become

Many illusionists (and leaders in general) can become cynical because they “see how the magic is made,” and lose the ability to wonder or imagine for themselves. Knowledge and cynicism usually come hand-in-hand, and as a leader you need to protect yourself from it.

3. When telling stories, focus on connection not conversion

So many leaders (especially pastors) are looking to communicate a point, or get a conversion, when they tell a story to an audience. Harris has learned that a story is much more effective when you aim for connection with a story rather than conversion.

Quotes from Episode 387

A story’s greatest power is not in its ability to convert, it’s in its ability to connect. @HarrisIII

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Leadership is simply inviting someone into a story. @HarrisIII

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We came into the world with the wonder switch turned on, so wonder is our natural state of being. @HarrisIII

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Science links creativity and innovation to curiosity. @HarrisIII

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Worry and anxiety is a misuse of imagination. @HarrisIII

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Wonder is connected to innovation because wonder gives you permission to believe in that new story. @HarrisIII

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Those of us who are in leadership are in the power of persuasion. @cnieuwhof

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Magic tricks work so easily because human beings think that the truth is equal to what our senses perceive. @HarrisIII

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Facts that are absent of vulnerability, absent of illustration, absent of empathy, lessen the impact of all those facts. @HarrisIII

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The secret to being a great magician is the same thing that makes you a great communicator on stage; your ability to tell a story. @HarrisIII

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Smart phones have psychologically reconditioned an entire generation now to feel really uncomfortable with mystery, to the point where wonder feels disruptive. @HarrisIII

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To stimulate creativity, limit meetings and email. @cnieuwhof

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To stimulate creativity, schedule thinking and creative time. @cnieuwhof

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Better thinking leads to better leadership. @cnieuwhof

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CNLP 387: Harris III on How to Recover from Cynicism, Recapturing Wonder as a Leader and the Power of Story

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