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Create Discipleship Disruption


by Regi Campbell: If we want to generate curiosity about this way of life, we need to think outside the box. And we can learn from the marketers who make other ways of life look so attractive.

Marketers create disruption. For example, Brooks Brothers shows you an image of an extremely handsome, well-dressed man. The picture is designed to shake you up a little, to disturb your homeostasis—to create a gap between the way you look and the way you could look if you were wearing their outfit. Buying their clothes closes this gap and restores your homeostasis (at least for a while).

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They’ve created disruption by giving you a vision of you. . . what you could be like!

Stimulating interest in becoming a disciple maker starts with shaking people’s homeostasis. Just like the Brooks Brothers advertisement, we have to generate curiosity by disrupting people from their current state! We do this by demonstrating what could be for them.

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