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How Do You Plan to Make Disciples?


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January 15, 2020

How Do You Plan to Make Disciples?

By New Churches Team

In Constant Pursuit

Chris Hruska co-pastors City Life Church in Omaha, Nebraska, with Gavin Johnson. Both Chris and Gavin got their start in college ministry. In college ministry, there is a constant pursuit of the freshman class if you don’t want your ministry to die when the seniors graduate. One day they began dreaming of starting a church plant launched by the question, “What if the church was a disciple-making movement, and not a monument that grew to a sustainable size then stopped thinking about the freshman class?”

A Simple Vision

When Chris and Gavin were ready to launch their church plant, they had a simple vision: to be one church with one mission to multiply disciples and churches. They do that by gathering together on Sunday mornings and scattering in the context of city groups. They purposefully choose to not offer a lot of other ministries. Instead they focus on creating and growing disciples who create disciples who create disciples. And they plant churches that plant churches. Having this simple vision helped them scale quickly.

A Generous God

City Life Church started in 2012 with 3 people in an urban area. Within three months, they grew to 75. A year later they had 750 people. They quickly felt called to begin planting churches. They never planned to become a multisite church, but after they had planted 3-4 churches, they realized that many people were driving in from the suburbs to attend their church and it was changing their urban church, so they opened a suburban campus.

Their philosophy for planting churches is pretty simple. Because our God is generous, we should be generous.

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Source: How Do You Plan to Make Disciples?