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Metrics That Matter in 2020


God did not bring us this far just to bring us this far.

by Portable Church Industries: While we are humbled by the impact we have made for the Kingdom over the last 25 years, we are pumped about what God can do through us over the next 25.

For Portable Church, opening up seats to hear the Gospel is our most important metric.

This does not mean we ignore other key metrics that assure we are strong financially and operationally, but our underlying mission, the reason we exist, is to assure as many people as possible know Jesus.

As we enter 2020 with new product and service offerings, as well as more efficient operations, we will set new and challenging financial and operational targets but we will also continue to track and celebrate ‘seats opened to hear the Gospel.’

Why? Two reasons. First, we believe, and studies support, new seats opened to hear the Gospel is the most effective way to assure the numerical growth of the Body of Christ. New seats are the best way to reach new generations, new residents, and new people groups. And this points back to our mission of more people knowing Jesus.

The second reason is what this metric does for our internal team members. Any organization knows the value of someone feeling a sense of purpose and significance at work is indispensable. Work that will outlive their time here on earth.

Not success, but significance.

Revenue and profitability, delivery performance and productivity, number of leads and close rates, are critical metrics to track to assure long term sustainability of a company. They measure the success of decisions made, actions taken, and money spent. But true significance goes much deeper.

And I am not talking about job satisfaction. I am referring to job significance. As Justin Sweeten, our Integration and Logistics Manager puts it, “Our company mission allows me to participate in something greater than myself.”

The Bible never promised us work would be easy. And at Portable Church, just like all other companies, we have some very hard and exhausting seasons. But having a company mission that drives something that will matter 50 years from now makes it easier to navigate the rough waters. Rachel Davey, our Administrative Assistant, says it best: “No matter how chaotic the day may be, we are able to set every difference aside and come together with the one thing that unites us all: Our love and belief in Christ, His love for humanity, and how we can make that known.”

And significant work is not only good for employees. It’s also good for the churches we work with.

So we will continue to improve our products and services. We will continue to make our internal operations more efficient. We will continue to strive to be the industry leader in portable systems. We will do all of this with passion and drive, knowing if we do all of these things well, more people will know Jesus, increasing the population of the Kingdom.

Bill Clark

CEO | Portable Church

Source: Metrics That Matter in 2020