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Set Your Priorities for the New Year

Home > Blog > Set Your Priorities for the New Year Set Your Priorities for the New Year By New Churches Team Consider starting the year by doing an audit of your programs. If there are ministries or programs that you need to or want to get rid of, now […]


Succeeding in Church Planting

Home > Blog > Succeeding in Church Planting January 20, 2021 Succeeding in Church Planting By New Churches Team Setting Your Priorities Most church planters are not successful because they lead the opposite of Jesus. In the Gospels, we see Jesus often trying to get away from large groups of […]


3 Reasons to Be Thankful God Does Not Make Resolutions

Home > Blog > 3 Reasons to Be Thankful God Does Not Make Resolutions 3 Reasons to Be Thankful God Does Not Make Resolutions By Michael Kelley There are apparently some strong opinions out there about whether it’s right or not to make New Year’s Resolutions. Those who benefit from […]

2 Essential Guidelines for Your Goals

By Shawn Lovejoy: With all this talk about goal setting and New Year’s Resolutions, I thought it was important to clarify something very foundational when it comes to goal setting. When charting our aim for a new year the question we must answer is, “Why do I want to accomplish […]


Resolve to Trust God

Home > Blog > Resolve to Trust God Resolve to Trust God By Michael Kelley I’m a resolution guy. Making and keeping track of resolutions annually helps me track my forward progress in certain areas of life. So every January, I evaluate my resolutions from the previous year and make […]

6 Components of Authentic Discipleship that Work Online

By: The Church.Digital One of the greatest pushbacks against church online is that an online church cannot provide authentic discipleship because it is not authentic community. Though I will save the authentic community argument for another post, I want to make the case here that you can provide authentic discipleship […]


Metrics That Matter in 2020

.et_post_meta_wrapper God did not bring us this far just to bring us this far. by Portable Church Industries: While we are humbled by the impact we have made for the Kingdom over the last 25 years, we are pumped about what God can do through us over the next 25. […]


Finding Your Identity in Christ – Not Your Ministry

Home > Blog > Finding Your Identity in Christ – Not Your Ministry Finding Your Identity in Christ – Not Your Ministry By Ed Stetzer My identity has too often been tied to the successes or failures of the ministries that I lead—and too frequently in unhealthy ways. It’s easy […]

Rewind: Your Favorite Free Resources From 2019

by Shawn Lovejoy: Over the course of 2019 we released a lot of free content at CourageToLead.com, helping so many leaders and teams grow healthier and grow faster! You seemed to connect with our blog posts, podcast episodes, and, for today’s post, our Free Downloadable Resources. The Free Downloadable Resources […]


5 Things Leaders Need to Give Up

By Ed Stetzer: There’s a great saying that good leaders don’t see people as impediments—they seek to make people partners. But to implement this approach to leadership in daily life, we need to realize that partnering with people means sacrificing for them. Drawing from Brad Waggoner, author and executive vice president […]